Why Access Control?


Access Control is something most often overlooked during event planning, and major event failures usually happen due to the little attention paid to it.

In massive events with multiple entry points and various benefits and/or facilities catering to different types of guests, it is crucial for guests to filter in and out of these areas with ease. Oftentimes, frustrations relating to event attendance are due to long waits to verify their identity, or denied entry due to verification faults. 

As this mostly happens at the beginning of their guest experience, their mood is already dampened the rest of the way. The first point of contact between the guest and the event they are attending should always be a positive one, and that can be ensured with Engage’s reliable registration and access control system which makes entry and exit a seamless and pleasant affair.

At the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech), we managed to pull off the impossible task of achieving an average waiting time per attendee at a mere 12 seconds. Essentially, there wasn’t at all a wait for most attendees from registration all the way to entering and re-entering forum venues.

We have managed to streamline the process in such a way where guests were not even aware they were being processed, and can fully immerse themselves in the essence of the event they were participating in. Taking into consideration that it was a 2 day event, Engage had also suggested to customise the wristband to be removable and reused, instead of the usual one-time-use tags that had to be cut off after.

With high customisation value suited to the client’s needs, Engage can ensure a unique event experience where every guest would have a souvenir to take home to remember your event by.

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