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  • Guest Registration & Ticketing platforms

  • Cashless Payment System

  • Social Media Live Marketing

  • Event Security / Interaction / Access Control

  • Intelligent Reporting for organisers to promote next year's event(s)

As an event organiser, it is most important to you that the event runs smoothly from start to end, and your guests have a memorable time. From guest registration & ticketing to cashless payment systems, we’ve got you covered!

Provide your event or festival with ample media coverage with social media live marketing for your guests to share about & create buzz. Fret no more about pickpockets & unsolicited guests as we provide solutions for event security & access control. At the end of a fruitful event, you’d want to know how to make the next one even better. With intelligent reporting, you can now plan for it even better with accurate and valuable data.




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